The Dream Builder: A go-getter’s manual

The Dream Builder: A go-getter’s manual

Dreams alone don't change Life, Dream Builders do

Each time a child is born into this world, a dream is born. However, dreams alone do not impact the world but dream builders do. Our world does not seek for dreamers it seeks for dream builders. The world craves to satisfy the thirst of job creation, technological advancement, civilization, industrialization, development, wealth creation, peace, love, stability in marriage and more.

Dreams were given to each one of us so that we can reach out to one another and make the world a home, but only few of people took the steps required to realize those dreams. The once who took a step and succeed took a place in the world book of greatness.

This book THE DREAM BUILDER is actually a go-getter's manual. You will not only be inspired and motivated, you will receive a practical guide towards the pursuit of your dreams so as to become an achiever

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Genres: Christian Living, Inspirational
Format: epub,kindle,print
ISBN: 9781717840349
eBook Price: 9.99
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