About Apostle Justice Online

Apostle Justice Online is a media Outreach platform setup to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many nations of the earth.

The gospel is the power of God that saves anyone who believes:  Romans 1: 16

In the gospel of Jesus Christ their is righteousness, peace, joy healing, prosperity and freedom:  Isaiah 61:1-4

If the Gospel is not preached, how will they hear and believe to be saved?, how will they be healed?, how will they be set free and how will they find peace? : Romans 10: 11-15



  •  To build a world of true virtue through the wisdom of God whereby  believers  will manifest fully the character of the spirit of God.


  • To heal and to liberate the nations from every yoke of Satan.
  • To intercede for many nations.
  • To teach the wisdom of God to the believing.
  • To preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to nations for the salvation of souls.

Apostle Justice ChinemelumJustice Chinemelum C. is a man called of God and anointed by God with an apostolic and prophetic unction to teach the wisdom of God, to proclaim liberty to the captives in many nations, to heal and to intercede for the nations of the world.

He is a Tele-evangelist, an Author, a public/motivational speaker and a human resource developer. He anchors several online programs including  healing and liberation encounter, seed of wisdom and open-door encounter. He is the spiritual leader of Virtue From Heaven Prayer Network and Apostles and Prophets Ministers Network.

He is happily married to Lawrencia. He held a B.Sc. in Computer Science and a diploma in Leadership.

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