A Review of chapter 1 of the book Titled THE DREAM BUILDER: A GO-GETTER’S MANUAL by Justice Chinemelum

The author introduced the chapter by emphasizing on the need to live a purposeful life while discouraging readers from living what he called the daily routine life.  He also stated that the daily routine life may never bring true happiness and fulfillment

Below are about four (4) questions the author tried in his own capacity to answer. Those were extracted from the chapter 1 (WHAT ARE YOU LIVING FOR) of the book.

  1. How can you become relevant to your world?

This question sterns from the fact that people long to be involved in something. we all desire be given an opportunity to express ourselves, we all want to be needed.

The author wrote as follows:

“Your relevance to your world depends on what you are willing to do to improve the world around you. Do not always seek for what you will gain from life rather think of a way you can contribute to it”.

  1. Why there so much hatred, jealousy, and wicked in the world today?

In all generations, there are always people who tends to display certain characters that keep you wondering if they have conscience at all.

On this matter, the author stated as follows:

Since some people do not have any pursuit, they have time to envy others, they become jealous, hate, show wickedness and plan evil against others because they are not occupied with better thoughts. If you must be fulfilled in life, if you must find happiness, then you must have a vision. At every point in time in your life there should be a dream you are reaching out for. Learn to occupy yourself with your dreams and pursuits.”

  1. Why are some countries in the world today still underdeveloped?

Seriously speaking, the development rate in many countries today is seriously an eye sore. One would wonder why these countries are lagging behind.

The above matter may be subject to different opinion however, the author wrote down his own understanding as follows:

“One of the reasons why some countries in the world today especially in Africa still remain underdeveloped is the fact that the larger percentage of its inhabitant do not care to contribute to their nation. They are concerned more with what they can gain from the government and who they can exploit. Even an employee in an organization care less about his or her input into the organization which could help the organization survive rather they are interested in what they can take home. These way of thinking results to high level of corruption and underdevelopment in many nations of the world.”

  1. What was God’s original purpose for creating man?

Understanding the reason why a thing exist helps to eliminate abuse. If we can understand God’s original intention for creating man we can achieve much more.

The author in this book responded as follows:

God Created man with a purpose which is for them to have dominion over everything that was created, to replenish the earth and subdue it. God expect us to be responsible for the world he gave us, he expects us to make the world better, we need to come to a point where we feel responsible for everything and everyone around us, God want us to improve, he wants us to innovate, he wants us to solve problems, he wants us to make our society livable.   To every person alive, the world around you is your responsibility. You must do something to make life better for someone. Do not always seek for what you will gain from life rather think of a way you can contribute to it.”

These are only but a few lines of note extracted among others written by the author in attempt to solve life most import problem in this chapter.

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